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Alan Poulsen Engineering Ltd specializes in the manufacture and installation of above ground storage tanks for various industries requiring onsite fuel storage for safe, secure fuel distribution to petroleum, diesel and oil fueled vehicles. 

We supply, install and service fuel storage and oil pipelines for marine and on-ground fueling systems, the aviation industry, as well as fuel tanks and piping for domestic and commercial fuel heating systems. 

We ​can also supply and install your next superior quality Double-Wall Fibreglass Underground Fuel Tank.

Our aim is to provide the best possible product & service complying with current oil industry regulations.

ASME 9 coded welding

Alan Poulsen Engineering Ltd employs Asme 9 specialist welders, engineers and fitter-turners in our workshop, with the skills and training required for working with fuel storage tanks and facilities, oil tanks and petroleum storage including underground tank removal and fuel piping installation and pipeline repairs and maintenance.  We currently operate a 24-hour call-out service with 5 fully-equipped mobile teams for repairs and maintenance to fuel storage and pipeline repairs on the spot.

Tank design for free-standing tanks, fuel tankers & more

As a HSNO approved fuel tank manufacturer, Alan Poulsen Engineering Ltd can build a wide range of fuel storage tanks to fit your requirements. 

Our fuel tanker trailers are built to comply with current regulations and to suit the requirements of the farming sector, fuel companies and fuel transportation contractors. Ask us about choosing the right tank design and fuel storage capacity to match your fuel usage and site restrictions.

About us

We were established by Alan Poulsen in 1986 specifically to service the fuel industry, both onshore and marine. We operate from our premises at 10 Kitchener Street, Dunedin, New Zealand and have clients in a wide range of industries throughout Otago and Southland. The company’s aim is to provide the best possible product and service complying with all current oil industry regulations for fabricating and servicing petroleum and diesel tanks, fuel tankers and fuel pipelines. Alan Poulsen Engineering Ltd is a HSNO Approved Tank Fabricator for tank capacities up to 60,000 litres. We also have experience in the laying of new and refurbishment of existing oil pipelines. We service the repair and maintenance needs for fuel transport companies and other industries requiring onsite fuel storage throughout the Otago and Southland regions.


Hose testing and safety checks for oil industry compliance

Oil Industry regulations require regular testing and safety checks for onsite storage and distribution of fuel and oil products.  Alan Poulsen Engineering Ltd is certified to carry out compliance checks for above ground diesel, petroleum and oil tanks and underground storage tanks as well as regular fuel line and hose testing for clients. We also handle marine bunkering and tanker discharge requirements.

Service & maintenance for tanker trailers and onsite fuel storage

Alan Poulsen Engineering Ltd is fully equipped to provide regular maintenance and service for road tanker fleets (including the 3 monthly inspections and 2 yearly certification of tank wagon and trailer units which includes rollover vent testing), as well as offering maintenance and service contracts for our clients’ onsite fuel storage. We also carry out maintenance and refurbishment work on Bulk Fuel Storage Terminals for the Petroleum Industry, including pipe lines, storage tanks, pumps and associated equipment. Alan Poulsen Engineering Ltd is certified for the safe removal of underground tanks and will manage the environmental and safety requirements for decommissioning of fuel storage facilities and site cleanup.


As a result of changes to the Hazardous Substances (Tank wagons and Transportable Containers) Regulations 2004 along with the EPA Approved HSNOCoP 6 v2.1 Code of Practice for Flammable Liquid Tank Wagons 07/2008, tank wagons and trailers are now required to be issued with Test Certificates prior to commissioning. Tank wagons and trailer tanks now require 3 monthly inspections and certification on a continuing 2 yearly basis.

Best practice policy is paramount for oil industry compliance

As part of our Best Practice Policy, a safe work environment is also important to us.  Each employee with Alan Poulsen Engineering Ltd holds a current Site Safe (or equivalent) passport and undertakes regular training and assessment to ensure the highest quality of work for our clients.  Additionally, all Welding, Confined Space Entry, Gas Testing, Working from Height, Fire Equipment Handling and First Aid certification is kept current.

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In August 2010 Alan Poulsen Engineering Ltd was accredited the ACC “Workplace Safety Management Practices” Tertiary Level Qualification. This standard of compliance is normally only attained by relatively few large organisations so for a company of our size to be awarded Tertiary Level is a rare achievement.

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Codes of Practice, Industry Compliance, Workplace Safety and Quality Assurance

•    Tanks are designed to AS 1692/2006. 
•    All tanks are Hydro Tested and witnessed by a third party inspectorate.

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Alan Poulsen Engineering Ltd’s company policies include: Business Code of Ethics, Drug & Alcohol Policy, Harassment & Bullying Policy, Environmental Management Policy,  Safe Driving Policy & Procedures, Personal Protective Equipment Policy & Procedure, Fatigue Management Policy, Contractor/Sub-Contractor Management Policy, Security Policy.

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